In the current ‘low touch’ environment and tough economic climate, it’s important to minimize unnecessary trips to the grocery store and maximize fridge space. Defy has shared some incredible hacks for organizing the fridge so that food stays fresher for longer.

How to get organised

Organising your fridge is a very cathartic undertaking, and it will save your funds in the long run. Here are some quick and easy tips for getting organized.

  1. Clean out
    We all get complacent, stuffing the fridge and then forgetting what’s at the back. The first tip of organizing is to clean out any old foods and leftovers and give the fridge a deep clean .
  2. Remove packaging
    Often food items are covered in extremely bulky packaging, so when you get back from the shops, be sure to remove all unnecessary cardboard, re packaging in smaller containers if necessary.
  3. Refrigerate selectively
    Depending on your particular home climate, not all food items will need to be refrigerated. Certain items can be stored at room temperature, while others can be frozen. Overfilling your fridge can cause blocked air vents, impede airflow, and reduce energy efficiency overall.
  4. Clever stacking
    Make clever use of the existing shelving and drawers within the fridge, as well as storing items in clear, easily stacked containers. This makes for easier access and prevents items from being forgotten and uneaten

Tips for optimum fridge freshness

In addition to organizing the items in your fridge carefully, there are other ways to ensure optimum freshness of your refrigerated items for longer.

  • Separate raw and cooked food items to prevent contamination;
  • Always store meat in the coolest part of the fridge and check the expiration date as expired food doesn’t always have an odor;
  • Store fresh foods, herbs, fruit, and vegetables in the assigned drawer, rather than at the back of the fridge which is much colder;
  • Don’t keep gas releasing products in the fridge – or try to separate such items like avocados and bananas, as they can cause other produce to spoil early;
  • Don’t pre-cut produce as it will deteriorate faster in the fridge because more surface area is exposed. Rather wash and cut food items before they’re ready to be consumed.
  • Ensure all raw meat is properly covered and sealed;
  • Don’t put hot food in the fridge as this can lead to spoiled food or even food poisoning; and
  • If you have separate fruit and vegetable drawers, try to maintain separation between the two.
  • The vegetable drawer will be calibrated for lower humidity to keep greens fresh, but this will rot fruits quicker.

What to look for when buying a fridge

One of the best ways to ensure your refrigeration needs are being fully met is by carefully assessing the fridge and freezer features when investing in a new home appliance. Here are some of the incredible organizational and freshness inducing features of the Defy range.

Superior frost free
The drudgery of refrigeration ownership has been eliminated by Defy’s superior frost free technology. Without the accumulation of ice inside the freezer, the fridge freezer combination will work more effectively, cutting down electricity costs and enhancing produce freshness.

Antibacterial door seal
This incredibly effective sealing solution prevents the accumulation of bacteria, improving the fridge’s hygiene. This also works to shield both the fridge and freezer compartments of a combination refrigeration system.

Defy DualCooling™ Technology
This technology means that the fridge and freezer can be cooled independently, with a cold source and an independently controlled fan in each compartment. This then prevents fridge odor and freezer air transfer. It also cools each shelf directly to maintain accurate temperatures and 2x faster cooling. Keeping humidity and freshness where it’s needed.

Vacation mode for energy saving
To further save on electricity and prolong freezer freshness, the Defy vacation energy-saving mode will switch off the fridge section while keeping the freezer running.

Fast freeze
This is a specialized setting on Defy freezers that stores fresh meat and fish, rapidly freezing them to ensure their cell structures don’t deteriorate. This retains the nutritional value of the food while keeping the flavors intact.

A well-organized fridge will ensure you’re able to view what’s available, thereby preventing waste, as well as maximizing energy efficiency by not cluttering and straining the system. Modern fridge and freezer designs allow for all manner of storage configurations, allowing you to customize the available space to your unique family needs.