Defy’s SteamCure Washing Machine: What Does it Do Differently?

Defy’s SteamCure Washing Machine: What Does it Do Differently?

How often do you take clothes out of your washing machine, only to find that stain still there? 

There are two types of people when it comes to stubborn stains. Those who keep throwing the offending garment into the next load in the hope that this will be the wash that does the trick. 

Or those who sigh deeply, take the garment out and hand scrub the stain until it is a distant memory. 

But what if there was a third option? Enter Defy’s SteamCure washing machine. 

Here are the solutions to all those stubborn stains, and frustrated rewashes. So what do you need to know about these miracle machines and how they work? 

Let’s take a closer look at how SteamCure technology works as well as some other features you can expect from your Defy washing machine.

The SteamCure Dream

SteamCure is a simple solution to an endless problem. Stains will always be a part of your life, but they don't have to take up any more of your time!

The SteamCure technology is so simple, that you have to wonder how it works. This is one of those times where less becomes more.

The process is not a complex one. Water enters the machine, the water is heated and steam is created. The steam rises from the bottom of the drum into the clothing and removes stubborn and caked stains from the material.

The steaming process happens twice during your washing cycle. Once before your prewash to loosen the dirt and marks, and a second time after the spin cycle to smooth out any creases in the clothing. 

Defy’s SteamCure Washing Machines

This stain removal magic may seem too good to be true. So what's the catch? Is it only available in smaller models? Do you have to sacrifice an appendage to invest in an enormous machine that will give you so much space you can wash for the whole neighbourhood?

Neither. Defy have all your needs covered. No matter whether you are a big family with kids or just you on your own, there are SteamCure washing machines for you. 

The SteamCure range offers 8kg, 9kg, 10kg and 12kg options, so depending on your needs you have plenty of choices. But what is the difference between the smaller capacities and the larger options, or are they all the same? 

Steaming Small

Just because you don't do much washing shouldn't mean you miss out on great features. For small families, the 8kg or 9kg front loader such as the DAW389 offers you four programmes that make use of the SteamCure function. 

Defy 9kg Front Loader SteamCure

These functions are highlighted in blue on the front of the machine.  The smaller machines also include a drum clean option, which should be done every four months or so to help keep away mould or bacteria

The Family Steam

If your family is larger, or you have kids, then the 10 or 12kg option is more up your street. Especially with children, stains will become the bane of your life. And they will be on everything, not just where you expect to find them!

The larger washing machines like the 12kg DAW388 offer nine programmes with Streamcure technology:

  • Synthetics
  • Cotton
  • Mini 30
  • Mini 14
  • Handwash
  • Downwear
  • Shirts
  • Hygiene +
  • Drum Clean
Defy 12kg SteamCure™ Front Loader Washing Machine Front/Side

    Not only do the Defy machines offer SteamCure technology, but they also offer StainExpert which assists in removing up to 24 different stains from your washing. 

    Energy Efficient

    Since these machines are A+++ rated for energy, they can also save you up to 60% on the monthly electricity bill. But if you still think your washing machine is running for too long, Defy has given you the delightful Mini 30 or Mini 14 options.

    The mini 30 allows you to do a full load of washing in just 30 minutes, while the mini 14 offers a 2kg load in just 14 minutes. This is the perfect cycle if you need a small amount of washing done urgently. 

    Defy washing machines are geared towards eco-friendly washing and have been for a while. In older models, there is an eco programme or setting, in newer models, it is all a built-in function. 

    Either way, rest assured that your washing will not have a negative impact on the environment - no need for hand scrubbing to be eco-conscious! 

    Added Hygiene

    Along with stains that never come clean, washing that causes itching and rashes is high up on the list of things that you don't need in your life. This is why Defy has the Hygiene + feature. 

    This means that you can enjoy the benefits of the SteamCure range, even if you have sensitive skin. It is also perfect for washing a baby’s clothing, which will make your life significantly easier - no special soaps or handwashing needed. 

    Less Ironing

    Since you do your ironing the same day washing comes off the line… wait why are you laughing? Don't you love doing the ironing? 

    Since the answer to this question is always a resounding no, here is another benefit of SteamCure: Less ironing.

    Yes, you read right, and you can read it again but the fact remains that because of the after spin steam, your clothes will come out of the machine with fewer creases than any traditional washing machine.  

    As if there were not enough reasons to get a Defy washing machine already, you can add this one to the top of the wish list!

    The End of the Line

    Defy’s SteamCure washing machines are the real deal when it comes to getting the job done. With so many added features, they turn the drag of washing day into a dream.

    Whether you are buying your first washing machine, or in the market for an upgrade, our friendly team are here to help. Simply pop into a store or give us a call and we will point you in the right direction today.