DEFY 184L Gemini Gourmet Multifunction Double Oven Black Glass DBO467

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If you’re serious about your home cooking, then Defy 184L Gourmet Double Oven is the ultimate kitchen addition. This sophisticated device has a multitude of oven functions that perfectly complement the vast oven capacity. Being a Defy product, innovation is at the forefront of its design with this multifunction double oven equipped with Thermofan+ technology. This incorporates a redesigned fan and improved venting system for ultra-efficient heat circulation, so that – whether you’re booking or cooking – you experience consistent heat distribution and the best results every time. And innovation meets style in this sleek design which includes push-in, pop-out knobs; chromed shelves, and a cool touch double glass door.
Static (top oven), multifunction (bottom oven) system
Feast master: Gross Volume: 89L /92L & Net Volume: 79L / 82L
Touch control timer
Aluminium handle
Chromed shelves and removable shelf rails
Push-In Pop-Out (PIPO) knobs
Temperature range 70ºC to 230ºC
Both ovens can be used as warmer compartments
Easy-clean Enamel Oven Interior
Cool Touch Double Glass Door
Roast pan and bake trays included
Invisa - Bake
Black glass
Dimensions (H x W x D) : 1100 x 730 x 600 mm
Bottom oven multifunction thermofan:
Thermofan bake
Fan-assisted static bake
Static bake
Static grill
Turbo grill
Variable grill control
Top oven static:
Bake function
Product Manual:
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