Over the years, the Cost of Electricity has increased by more than 5 times in South Africa. The new Defy Solar Hybrid range, utilizes a combination of electricity and solar energy, reducing electricity consumption and saving you money.

Our all New Solar Hybrid Range connects directly to solar panels and the electrical grid and works off solar during daytime and prioritizes solar energy and runs off-grid when there is no sunshine. No inverters or batteries needed.

The Solar Hybrid range is available in a 254lt Chest Freezer and in a 157lt Top Mounted Freezer Fridge. Fitted with Endura-Chill technology to keep our freezer compartments colder for up to 40 hours in the freezer and 21 hours in the fridge without electricity or sun. The hybrid range runs using both electrical grid and solar energy; however, it will use as much solar as it can to run the unit, reducing your electricity bill. This results in up to

44% less* energy consumption in the fridge
38% less* energy consumption in the freezer.

The idea behind this innovation is to power homes with the most affordable, versatile, and renewable technology that exists today. Having daytime stable energy, powered by the sun, will reduce energy consumption and the carbon footprint of coal-supplied electricity. With Defy’s Hybrid solution, affordable energy has never been this accessible.

*Compared to conventional units

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