481lt Multimode Chest Freezer

Model Code DMF456

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Defy is an energy-efficient chest freezer with chill-in technology, manual defrosting, and unrivaled cooling capacity. Our new handle design and integrated lock will give you peace of mind that your frozen food will stay frozen when the top shelf is free of collision points for easy access to all areas of your Defy freezer. The new sleek seamless marble patterned durable top offers a smooth, clean surface suitable for storing anything from ice cream to fish whilst our metallic spring-loaded hinges ensure ease of opening and closing. With 3 x plastic baskets, four roller wheels, and optional dish drawers, holding up to 5kg per drawer, there's plenty of room inside the Defx 486L Chest Freezer for everything you need.
A Energy efficiency
Chill-in technology
Manual defrost
Multimode control panel
Mode selection
> Fridge (1oC to 8oC)
> Chiller (-2oC to 3oC)
> Freezer (-24oC to -15oC)
New handle design and integrated lock
Marble patterned durable top
Metallic spring-loaded hinges
Roller wheels
Aluminum interior
Plastic partition as a separator and defrost drip tray
3x Plastic baskets
Total net capacity:481 Litres
Dimensions (H x W x D)
860 x 1550 x 725 mm
Product Manual:
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