7kg Hygiene Front Loader

Model Code DAW384

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Defy’s latest range of front loader washing machines boasts the most affordable, energy-efficient device on the market – the Defy 7kg Manhattan Grey Autowasher. This innovative washing machine uses cutting-edge technology to take out even the toughest stains in the shortest amount of time possible. You can choose between 15 main wash programmes as well as four auxiliary functions to ensure you get the best results with every wash. Defy also brings its unique washing technology in the form of Aquafusion and Woolmark, so that you’re getting a deeper clean with less detergent, and your fabrics are kept in prime condition. And, with a three-year warranty, you can be assured of a quality-engineered machine.
A+++ energy efficiency
7kg capacity
AquaFusion technology
0- 19-hour time delay
51L water consumption
Electronic control
LED display
Variable speed up to 1200rpm
15 program
Stainless steel drum
Durable heater
Unbalanced load control
Anti vibration S shaped wall
Clean design fascia
Ergonomic interface
Wide opening door angle
Lifestyle specific programs
Dimensions: 840 x 600 x 500
*3-year Warranty
Product Manual:
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